Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blowtorh, first experience, finally!!!


This post might show one dangerous cooking technique, so please read it carefully before you try to do it. This post is only based on my personal experience & might be only applicable for an exactly the same equipment that I used; please look for other trusted references or some professional advise.

Sound excessive? Yup, that’s me alright … hey better excessive than sorry, right??

I bought this blowtorch equipment about … hmm a year, one and a half year a go maybe, I cannot really remember. But, I always feel too scare of using it, so I just let it sat on my storage until I baked my first cheese cake last Saturday.

First the blowtorch it self, I cannot really tell what a good blowtorch would be, I bought this coz I think it made from good material, it looks save & has a lighter attached with it. I think it saver to use the one with attached lighter than if you have to use a match.

Second, the liquid gas. Make sure you buy a Liquid Gas Tube specially made for blowtorch. Do not use the usual liquid gas for the portable gas stove.

Third, it's optional to use a lazy suzan.

Do it in a good air circulation area but not windy, open the window if necessary. Keep aside from flammable material. Do it away from children or pet, If you got any ;p. If you had some concentration problem like I do, do it in a quiet place, a noisy place makes you hard to listen if any gas leak occurred. Make sure it has a good lighting, but not too much, too much light will make you hard to see the welding flame.


Take a moment to pray ... ;p

Read the all the instructions on the liquid gas tube & the blowtorch.

the blowtorch to the liquid gas tube, mine until it "click".

your cake on the lazy suzan.

Turn handle
counter clock-wise/ to the left, or to the "+" sign, you will hear gas hissing.

Push the lighter
, the welding flame will appear, keep your eyes on it, coz sometime it hard to be seen.

Turn the handle
left & right to get the suitable welding flame for you, keep it stable.

Start blow torching.

Make sure
the blowtorch not to close with the cake/meringue, coz it will easily burnt, the flame actually longer than it looks. So, from a far than closer, closer, until you see the burnt effect on the meringue. You'll know the right distance to do so.

It will be better
& easier to turn the lazy suzan or the cake than to move the blowtorch around the cake.

Do not shake the gas tube to hard, coz it makes the flame goes unstable. Shake it smoothly.

Turn of the gas
, by turning the handle clock-wise, or to the "-" sign. Make sure you don't hear any gas hissing.

the blowtorch from the gas tube.

Hufffhh ... you've done now!

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