Thursday, January 14, 2010

I don't have facebook account !!

"Are you on facebook?" , "Do you have facebook account?", common thing to ask nowadays . I will say "nope" proudly with smile on my face & people gonna immediately attack me with the question "Why?" then smile on my face will gone in no time, replaced by "should I answer the question?" face, & I tell you that is a rhetorical question, coz whatever my answer are they will start to defend their facebook existance with 1001 reasons, belive me, I know, I just know ... So, why should I answer it anyway. Sound cynical? Maybe ...

Some people, extremely said that is a social suicide not having facebook account, hahaha ridiculous. I'm feeling very much alive anyway without facebook ....

So here, I'm not gonna tell you why I don't have facebook account with all its reason. But if you do ask, I will answer it with "I just don't want to" with no following comment after it.

This is a graph by graphjam

Which color am I? Can you guess .... ;)

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